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Liane van der Hoven art and design tutor

I am internationally certified in best-practice Blended Online Learning as well as Cambridge AS and A level Art and Design. I achieved my BA in Fine Art (Ed) and received the Maggie Laubser scholarship from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

I have taught art and design at private and public schools for many years. I have also taught at tertiary level and understand what is expected of students and their admission portfolios.

Both my Honours and Master’s degrees in Cultural History were awarded cum laude, thanks to an excellent command of academic English and well-honed academic skills, which I transfer to my students.

I put no limitation on the level of excellence that can or must be achieved. Each journey I accompany is unique and precious... My challenge to you is simply to be the very best version of yourself... whatever that may look like. You’ll benefit from my study of Neurodiversity and various educational systems and approaches, including Waldorf.

As artist, designer and entrepreneur, I speak from a place of personal experience. I live what I teach.

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You'll automatically become a group member if you choose to. And if you've ever been tutored by me, I warmly invite you to reconnect. Join the Creative Momentum community group - send me an email with your phone number and a link to your internet presence.

What people say about me

Everyday I'm more and more appreciative of your classes and how hard you pushed me in high school ... teaching me how to do everything at university level.

Ashley's Lens Student

You shaped Shanelle to reach her full potential and awoken a passion in her that we never realized she had. Your help has been invaluable to her, you are a true inspiration.

Anton Prins Parent

You helped me find my creativity that I didn't know I had.

Elizabeth Montgomery Student

Liane was the top IEB staff achiever for 2018 ... she is a fondly loved by learners and parents.

PR van der Westhuizen Head of Curro Hermanus High

Your hard work and dedication to the subject is evident. Thank you.

Daniel Cronjé IEB moderator

You are a fabulous motivator.

Karen Winter Parent

I recognize the dramatic difference, in not only design and visual art, but the difference within me as a young woman. Words cannot describe my eternal gratitude towards you.

Gabriella Grieve Student

You have taught me more, this year, than I have learnt in ten years. Thank you.

Willow Savauge Student

What you taught me is giving me a great advantage in class!

Lily Buchart Student

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Find out how my tutoring and mentorship can develop your unique authentic creativity and open doors for you. But first, tell me about yourself and the challenges (or opportunities) in your creative life. Please email me: lianevanderhoven@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form. I'll study your message carefully and get back to you with a considered response.

We hold one-to-one sessions via Zoom, Teams or Skype. WhatsApp can be used to exchange images and schedule your sessions.

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